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How do you make your nose bleed?

Trauma, including self-induced by nose picking, is a main cause of nosebleeds, as is infection, allergic and non-allergic rhinitis, hypertension (high blood pressure), blood thinning medications, alcohol abuse, tumors and inherited bleeding problems! Any Suggestions here?


  1. kristal Reply:

    you can cause nose bleed by picking your nose and u have to see a doctor and have this cream i have this done before you have to put a tiny bit on your finger and rub it around your nose

  2. Maire Reply:

    How to Treat a Nose That Won't Stop Bleeding. Nosebleeds can be scary Make sure that you keep your breathing even and deep. You don't want to start Source:

  3. Lewis Reply:

    Your nose can bleed when you bump it or it get aggravated.

  4. Victoria Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be tricky sometimes. If you want to know how to stop a nose bleed, you need to apply pressure gently to the nose. Get a cool rag, and gently squeeze your nose often. This should stop the bleeding. Source:

  5. Tammi Reply:

    Most nosebleeds are harmless. Nosebleeds can be caused from a blow to the nose. Winter air dries the inside of the nose and can cause a nosebleed. Visit your doctor for nosebleeds if they are difficult to stop or occur on a regular basis wi… Source:

  6. Hyun Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be caused by taking a blow to the nose, picking your nose, and by heat. The heat can dry out the membranes and may result in nose bleeds. Colds, high blood pressure and even medication can cause them too. Source:

  7. Peg Reply:

    Pregnant with a nose bleed.. or crazy with a nose bleed? I know this might sound years of life I have strange. in all my 20 something never had a nose bleed except with my las

  8. Florance Reply:

    If you mean WHY does your nose bleed at night!!!Its because as you sleep, your sinuses dry out! If youre prone to nosebleeds or already have dry sinuses you make experience nose bleeds at night!

  9. Meghan Reply:

    These also stress the nasal passages and make injury more likely. Bleeding from the nose, therefore, usually follows these seasonal stresses. A nosebleed can

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