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How long after getting a concussion can you drink again?

It is recommended to wait at least 24 hours after the concussion to resume normal activities, which include alcohol consumption! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jennell Reply:

    You are facing a double challenge, brain damage and depression. After any loss of function, it is normal to feel grief at what you are no longer able to do that they will always be in this situation of loss and they'll never be useful or skilled again. That's where the depression escalates and getting help can help change Source:

  2. Eleonor Reply:

    How long till I can play sports or do physical activity again? How will I know I’m ready to start such again? 2. When can I drink alcohol again? Is there a time period after the first concussion where this danger no longer applies? Do you get any dizzy or disoriented feeling when you turn your head from

  3. Sherill Reply:

    Eat a full meal before you plan on drinking. It gives you something to absorb the alcohol in your stomach. Take an antacid, such as Pepcid, 30 minutes before you drink alcohol. This is key in eliminating redness. Pace yourself. When you con… Source:

  4. Leigha Reply:

    Alcohol thins the blood, meaning your blood won’t clot as easily. It’s not a good idea to drink alcohol with a concussion. Source:

  5. Jayme Reply:

    If you put back a few too many, you may find that you are drunker than you want to be. Particularly if you have early morning plans or just feel plain bad, you may need to sober up quickly. Your liver has to process all the alcohol so don’t… Source:

  6. Ronna Reply:

    How long after a mild concussion is it alright to drink? I would like to have alcohol? Is 96 hours long enough a beer or two with some friends from work. The doctor never spec

  7. Tanesha Reply:

    Hi, have you tried cutting out gluten in your diet! I have this friend who did exactly this and she became human again and she felt more alive than she had in years! She had some of the symptoms that you have been suffering! Hope this helps!

  8. Naomi Reply:

    How long after a concussion can you play sports again? How much soda do you have to drink for it to stain your teeth? How long can you play in a sport? Get notified about updated answers; Follow your favorite categories; Get credit for

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