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How long does alcohol stay in your urine?

With some urine alcohol tests, alcohol can be detected up to around 48 hours after a person has ingested alcohol! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Aleida Reply:

    How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your Urine?. Even though it may taste good and make you feel good, alcoholic beverages are a poison to your body and affect Source:

  2. Joannie Reply:

    Alcohol stays in your urine for one to six hours. For further information, please visit the website

  3. Hollis Reply:

    alcohol is usually tested by blood tests and breathalizer tests not urine samples. Otherwise as soon as you pee it should be gone, frink lots of water to dilute the concentration. Source:

  4. Hassie Reply:

    For a normal person with a healthy liver, alcohol is metabolized at around 0.02% BAC per hour. One drink, depending on body mass, is about 0.02% BAC, so one drink would take one hour to clear, five drinks would take five hours to clear, etc… Source:

  5. Tandy Reply:

    2 days Source:

  6. Alexandra Reply:

    How long would 4 shots of alcohol stay in your urine strong cocktail and then took for a drug&alcohol pee test? If I had a really a drug & alcohol pee test 40 hrs. later would

  7. Mallory Reply:

    Alcohol in your system does not stay in you for too long! It would depend the amount of drinks you have had! A typical person will excrete 0!02% of alcohol per hour! A person alcohol will peak after an hour of consumption of alcohol and decrease afterwards, assuming that the person does not have anymore drinks! Bascially one 12oz can of beer, 8oz of wine, or 1!5oz of 80proof liquor will be gone after an hour of drinking it! In terms of detection of alcohol in the urine after 5 days!The answer is no!!! All the alcohol will have been excreted by the body! The urine test for alcohol is unreliable, due to other components found in the urine! A blood test,on the other hand, must be done on the same day as the drinking! Overall, in a drug test, they will not screen for EtOH (alcohol), normally they will screen illegal drugs: benzodizapines, THC (mary jane), cocaine, meth, pcp, and barbiturates!

  8. Madelene Reply:

    How long do alcohol stay in your system? 12 hours. How long alcohol stays in urine system? 2 days. How long doeas alcohol stay in your system? 2 hours for

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