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How long does it take for alcohol to get out of your pee?

The metabolic rate at which alcohol is broken down is termed as Blood Alcohol Concentration! This is usually !015 BAC per hour! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kyla Reply:

    Knowing how long it takes and how to speed up the process will help you quit Nicotine is water soluble and will be flushed through your liver to be sent out through your urine. Alcohol detoxification is a process that lasts about six weeks. How Long Does It Take to Get the Nicotine Out of Your System When You Quit Source:

  2. Valerie Reply:

    The alcohol is metabolized within a period of hours. However, a urine test can detect the use of the alcohol in hand sanitizer, mouthwash and many other products for a period of days.

  3. Michael Reply:

    He alcohol in beer causes the kidneys and liver to work overtime to filter out all the carbons and separate the water from more? Source:

  4. Branda Reply:

    People forget how much liquid they’re actually drinking! If you drink a lot with a small bladder, you’ll pee a lot! Source:

  5. Manie Reply:

    haha did u underage drink? do u have 2 take a test 2morrow? lol good luck :) Source:

  6. Taunya Reply:

    How long would 4 shots of alcohol stay in your urine strong cocktail and then took for a drug&alcohol pee test? If I had a really a drug & alcohol pee test 40 hrs. later would

  7. Kristeen Reply:

    The grown-up term is toxicology screen! Some toxicology screens can detect alcohol up to 80 hours! You could have a toxicology screen that shows that your level of THC! THC has a 7 day half life! If you are chronic, it will take longer for the THC to leave your system! Unlike cocaine which is water soluble, marijuana is fat soluble and does not flush from the body as quickly!

  8. Suzette Reply:

    Drinking 2 pints will take your body 4 hours to process the alcohol, increased or decreased by the amount of food in your digestive system and the In other words, if you have 10 pints, you can't drive for about 19-20 hours. Alcohol will be out of your system completely in 3 days. How long alcohol stays in urine system?

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