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How long does it take to get vodka out of your system?

Alcohol is typically metabolized into your system at the rate of !015 of BAC (blood alcohol concentration) per hour! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. danny Reply:


  2. danny Reply:

    Question ppl…With 1 pint of vodka can u be clear b4 12pm tomorrow drinking lots of water &/or vinegar??

  3. Larae Reply:

    The length of time required to sober up depends on how much alcohol you've How Long Does It Take to Get the Nicotine Out of Your System When You Quit Source:

  4. Diedra Reply:

    On average, it takes 1.5 hours to return your Blood Alcohol Content back to normal after 1 shot of vodka.

  5. Alia Reply:

    Using UK measurements, there are approximately 19 shots of vodka in a 20oz pint glass. Men can metabolisde approx. 1 unit per hour. 28 shots of vodka (or a pint and a half) would take approx 28 hours to completely leave a human body. Source:

  6. Daryl Reply:

    A pint (16 oz) is equal to about 10.7 shots (1.5 oz each). Men can metabolize about 1 shot an hour. Women, OTOH, metabolize the first shot in an hour but afterwards metabolize about half as fast. So ladies, beware the black out or talking t… Source:

  7. Gabriela Reply:

    Vodka like any alcholic beverage shouldn’t stay in the body system for more then 3 days. Depending on the amout consumed. Source:

  8. Regina Reply:

    how long does vodka take to affect my system? I bought some Smirnoff 80 beers to get me drunk proof, triple distilled vodka. Normal it takes like 4, I had 3 shots and I feel j

  9. Trina Reply:

    When did you drink the vodka?? It should be out of your system by the morning if you just drank 4 oz! Drink some water to flush your system! Eat something, too! Bread – starchy foods!

  10. Jeanine Reply:

    This will give you a rough estimate of the length of time you will have alcohol in your then your metabolism is fast and you'll probably burn off the alcohol fast too. It can How long does it take for a consume alcohol drink to leave your body ?

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