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How long does it take to pass a urine test after drinking alcohol?

It is commonly known that it takes about 24 hours for alcohol to get out of your system! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. jobob Reply:

    @lacy, Unless, its an EGT test?…where do u get ur info, An egt, test is harder to pass, because it tests for metabolytes in your body, therefore, 24 hours is not good, or 48, more like 80 or beyond, the best solution to pass, is refrain from the beast until you get through your obvious dilemma, and quit listening to these retards, consult a doctor, or somebody you can trust, probation and parole people do not play and court ordered abstinence is just that, no alcohol until we set you free. I would wish you good luck, but luck plays no game here, its all up to you to get clean, and then you won’t have to worry about false positive ANSWERS.

  2. Shela Reply:

    When alcohol enters your body, it must pass through the liver in order to be metabolized. or one glass of spirits will likely pass the test after just a few hours , whereas a chronic drinker may have to wait . How Long Does it Take to Sober Up? Source:

  3. Elsa Reply:

    It normally takes around 24 hrs. If you drank heavily and hard liquor it may take a little longer.

  4. Lacy Reply:

    Several, if the test is the next day, UNLESS it is an ETG test. Then there’s a good chance you’ll flunk miserably. "Non alcoholic" beer contains, by law, less than 1/2 percent alcohol by volume. An ETG test can — and often does — detect a… Source:

  5. Alease Reply:

    A positive urine test detects and measures the use of alcohol within the previous day or so. Keep doing the ChaCha! Source:

  6. Chelsey Reply:

    well the research I have done. redwood toxicolligy states that they can test up to 80 hours after cunsumption. Source:

  7. Sunni Reply:

    can i pass my alcohol urine job i have a great job, i wanted to go to test at 9 am if tonight? just to clarify this urine i stop drinking by 10 test is not for a the bar and d

  8. Maranda Reply:

    actually, just learned about this in a drugs and human behavior class! your body clears alcohol at the rate of approximately 1 drink (one 12oz beer, one 1!5oz shot, one 5oz glass of wine) per hour! so, basically the number of drinks youve had equals the number of hours the alcohol will stay in your system! this is a rough estimate though, as body weight, tolerance, and the amount of time between first and last drink do factor into it!

  9. Helene Reply:

    How long does alcohol take to get out of the urine to pass an alcohol test? How long does it take for you to pass a breathalyzer test after drinking alcohol?

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