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How many brain cells do you kill when you drink?

Acute alcohol ingestion can kill brain cells! the exact amount is not known! But what is known is that they won’t regenerate! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Danille Reply:

    Why Does Drinking Seawater Kill You Faster Than Non-Seawater?. Many old sea legends tell the tale of some poor stranded sailor who drinks seawater and Some substances are able to move in and out of cells as necessary. Symptoms can also include seizures, coma, brain damage and kidney failure, depending on Source:

  2. Catalina Reply:

    Feb 22, 2008 7) Drinking too much alcohol — How many brain cells does one or you frequently “drink too much alcohol,” you will most likely kill brain cells.

  3. Bethel Reply:

    Chronic alcohol abuse does not kill a certain number of brain cells. Alcoholism can damage brain tissue in the areas associated with coordination. For more information see here:… Source:

  4. Jan Reply:

    Binge Drinking According to the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, it’s not consistently heavy consumption but binge drinking over a few days that leads to the death of brain cells. Increased Consumption Alcohol use beyon… Source:

  5. Kevin Reply:

    There are alot things that kill brain cells. There’s marijuana, LSD, shrooms, alcohol, salvia, breathing gasoline, ecstasy, holding your breath for to long, sniffing paint, and breathing in bad air. Source:

  6. Jennine Reply:

    How many Brain cells does one drink of alcohol kill?

  7. Carl Reply:

    Any brain cells killed will be unnoticeable and will be replaced! Read up on alcohol and the frontal cortex!I was a raging alcoholic drinking an average of 26 ounces of hard liquor a day for 10 years on top of pills while holding down a tough job! Even that much alcohol on a woman didnt damage any brain cells! Maybe during episodes of withdrawal I would be a mess, but after a week I was back to normal! Chronic alcoholism takes about two years to recover the nervous system! My addiction specialist told me not to worry about brain cells! Oh yeah, I havent had a drink in 10 years either!

  8. Saundra Reply:

    How many brain cells are damaged every time you drink? Improve. In: Human Anatomy Moderate alcohol consumption does not kill brain cells. The claim that

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