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How many diazepam 5mg does it take to get high?

Try 6 pills for a total of 30mg, and consider taking 2 more for a total of 40mg if you don’t feel a buzz after the six! However, it will mostly make you feel tired; it’s not much of a high! Please be careful and don’t take more than 8 or with alcohol Any Suggestions here?


  1. Piper Reply:

    This too infuriates me as I see no purpose to smoking at all if you do not have a In fact it would surprise many smokers who are highly addicted just how The second day you should take one .05mg alprazolam along with one 5mg diazepam every 4 Likewise a very high fluid intake speeds the process and is a must! Source:

  2. Beaulah Reply:

    I’ve taken diazepam at therapeutic doses (5mg, 10 at most). I still don’t understand how people can get high on it. I mean orally. Should I drink a beer on it (I know I can’t take much alcohol, but a beer won’t kill me will it?). Is the high high)? I’m trying to understand what so many people find about this drug.

  3. Suellen Reply:

    It is used to treat mild to moderate anxiety. Source:

  4. Deidre Reply:

    depends on the kind of test if u just take it a couple times it will b out 48-72 hrs max no matter what kinda test drink tons of water to push it out of your system Source:

  5. Dora Reply:

    Diazepam is used for the management of anxiety disorders or for the short-term relief of symptoms of anxiety. Source:

  6. Francis Reply:

    what is the difference between roche valium 5mg and diazepam 5mg?

  7. Tanya Reply:

    it makes you feel good, stress free! Thats the best way I could describe the high of it! It always makes me feel carefree and loose! One 5 mg diazepam is a very low dose so I am sure you will barely feel it! Some people just get sleepy whenever they take benzos! I took two 5 mgs my first time and just past out on my couch!

  8. Tambra Reply:

    Valium can not be injected from pill form so forget about that. You just have to take How much Valium do you have to take to get high? it will make you sleepy .

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