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How many people die from alcohol every day?

There are nearly 300 alcohol related deaths every day in the USA! It’s so sad! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Vella Reply:

    On average, eight teenagers die each day due to alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. How Many People Die From Drug Abuse? According to the drug Source:

  2. Salena Reply:

    How many people die from alcohol poisoning? 39 1/2 a day. NIAA – National Institute of Alcohol Abuse has good information as well.

  3. Cathryn Reply:

    That depends on the country. Source:

  4. Lynell Reply:

    every 30 min source: national highway traffic safety administration, 2004. i found this in my psychology of learning textbook 5th edition, Klein, pg 204 Source:

  5. Angla Reply:

    It is estimated that around the world there are 100 people dying every minute. The most common number stated for the amount of people dying every day is 146,000. You can find more information here:….. Source:

  6. Sena Reply:

    how many people die from alcohol every day/year?

  7. Peggie Reply:

    prob alot lol

  8. Maddie Reply:

    How many people die from alcohol related issues in the US every year? Improve. In: Statistical 71 people are killed each day in alcohol related accidents.

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