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How many people have died from drinking alcohol?

In the year 2003, there was a record high total of 43,220 deaths on U!S! highways- 40 percent of those were alcohol-related! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Bette Reply:

    Reasons Teens Drink Alcohol. Despite the fact that the legal age limit for alcohol consumption is 21, adolescents under that age often How Many People Die Source:

  2. Lorenza Reply:

    There’s no reported deaths from drinking "Four Loko". But a lot of young people nearly died & got hospitalized drinking Four Loko. It has 12% alcohol content!

  3. Kalyn Reply:

    When you’ve become addicted to anything (alcohol included) it can be extremely difficult to quit alone. The great news is that there IS hope! You are not the only person that’s wanted or needed to quit drinking. Others, before you have stop… Source:

  4. Kasha Reply:

    To mix an alcoholic drink you will need alcohol and mixers. One of the most popular is a screwdriver. Mix equal parts of orange juice and vodka over ice and serve! Source:

  5. Yer Reply:

    A lot of people drink alcohol. Most people drink at local bars, especially on weekends, as a means of a social activity. Many also drink at home parties. For more information look here:… Source:

  6. Cassandra Reply:


  7. Zada Reply:

    Actually, there has NEVER been confirmed death from secondhand smoke! Even when a lifelong smoker dies of lung cancer, we cant PROVE that they would not have died of lung cancer if they had not smoked!The anti-smoking crowd has just done a better job of convincing the public that drinking only effects the drunk and smoking effects anyone that THINKS they smell the smoke from 5 miles away!

  8. Lynda Reply:

    How many people die each mounth from drinking alcohol? Excessive alcohol consumption is the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States

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