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How many shots of vodka does it take to get you drunk?

It takes about 3 drinks in an hour to raise a 160 lb man’s blood alcohol level to !07 – enough for possible criminal penalties! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ayako Reply:

    Vodka has been involved within almost every society for many years. If you give in to peer pressure and start taking shots of vodka, make sure to always have a chaser. Soda, such as Coca-Cola, is a great chaser, and will help soothe the vodka easy for this alcohol to sneak up on you and cause you to become drunk. Source:

  2. Arla Reply:

    It depends on a lot of things: 1 if you’ve eaten before you go out, 2 if you don’t drink often it would definitely affect you faster, 3 your weight and you don’t weigh that much, 4 what other alcohol you mix it with, are you gonna have wine

  3. Jae Reply:

    A fifth refers to a fifth of a gallon. So there are 25 ounces in a fifth which is equal to 17 standard drinks. Vodka is one of the most popular alcohols used in fancy mixed drinks. Source:

  4. Brittanie Reply:

    Jello shots are made in a very similar manner as Jello is normally made. After the gelatin is dissolved in boiling water, substitute half of the cold water with vodka. You can find more information here:… Source:

  5. Raymond Reply:

    In one shot of vodak, there is exactly 55 calories. You will not get any fat, protein, or carbohydrates from rum. But beware, you can get drunk from consuming too many shots. Source:

  6. Willene Reply:

    which gets you drunk faster? 3 shots of jose cuervo tequila or 3 shots of absolute vodka?

  7. Alysia Reply:

    Happy Birthday! There is no measure as to how much Vodka will get you drunk! Alcohol reacts differently each time you consume it! Your mental state and what you have eaten prior to consuming the Vodka will play a roll somewhat! I have noticed that if you are in a good mood, you tend to hold your liquor a lot better and the results is feeling good rather than feeling sick in the end or ending up with a headache! Having eaten a good meal will also help you not get drunk that easily!We were invited to a Mexican evening at a bar one night and we expected to find some kind of food! All they served was Nacho and tortilla chips! Someone started off on the tequila shots and we got into a pretty good binge! Im not quite sure how many shots I drank but I will never forget the result! I generally hold my liquor well but that evening, after some shots and a good laugh, I sat back and felt like the life had drained out of me! I was numb! I managed to attract my husbands attention and signaled that I wasnt well! We both got up and I managed to put on an Oscar winning performance that I had a headache and needed to go home! I didnt feel nauseous, just numb and lifeless! I asked him to drop me off at home and he could come back! No need for him to leave just because of me! I told him I would be fine and that I didnt feel sick! The moment I walked into our house I barely made it to the bathroom! More than a hour later I found myself kneeling and hugging the toilet seat for dear life!I crawled to the bedroom, managed to climb into bed hugging a basin and passed out looking at the phone which was less than 5 feet from where I was sitting! I honestly thought I was going to die that night! When I woke up and found myself sitting upright in bed with my head drooping into the vomit filled basin, I felt so disgusted with myself that I swore I would never reach that point again! I saw a doctor friend the next day and he said that I most likely got alcohol poisoning! It wasnt just getting drunk! I hadnt consumed that much tequila to reach the point I did! The alcohol and my blood had a funny reaction!Why am telling you all this?? Drink!!! enjoy!!! but know your limits! There is no need to get drunk to have a good time! Have a fabulous 21st birthday!My point is that alcohol is not something to be taken lightly! Drink, enjoy and know your limits!Have a great time!

  8. Carmel Reply:

    If you're crazy enough to do vodka shots then I would say about 6-8 would get the How many shots of vodka would it take a 200 pound man to get drunk?

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