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How much beer can you drink before you die?

That really depends on your body type and how fast you drink it! Symptoms of alcohol poisoning include: confusion, stupor!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Samantha Reply:

    You can mitigate that number by taking in food when you drink, which slows the driving take it when shagging yeah take it before you die do it pal just do it. Source:

  2. Laverne Reply:

    A single binge session probably won’t kill you in itself. You will eventually pass out, and will need to have your stomach pumped.

  3. Andra Reply:

    Most drinking games are played by individuals against each other. There are some that are played by teams, and that is the type of drinking game the Beer Die Drinking Game is. This is why it is a great game for fraternity or other college p… Source:

  4. Parthenia Reply:

    500 Source:

  5. Louella Reply:

    it depends on how many you drink and how old you are and how long you wait after drinking them and how many you’ve drunk already and how many that you’ve had over a certain amount of time and if you have any liver problems the end result is… Source:

  6. Rosario Reply:

    Does my boyfriend drink too much beer? Will he die? Hey there, my boyfriend is currently typing this, so this is actually the boyfriend, on my girlfriend’s account. She’s righ

  7. Frank Reply:

    The answer from Manswers is pretty good! The BAC calculator Ive linked below says that it would take 18 beers in three hours (a pretty normal length of drinking session, I suppose) to put a 160-pound man over !4% BAC! !4% is the accepted lethal dose for 50% of the human population — at that point, youre as likely as not to die of alcohol poisoning!If youre just knocking them back every four minutes or so, it takes about 17 beers for a man that size to hit !4%! For an extended drinking session of six hours it goes up to 20 beers!Hope this helps!

  8. Marianela Reply:

    If you're looking to die from it, passing out could be fatal if you How many beers do you have to drink before you die? 500. How much beer can you drink before

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