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How much does alcohol mess up your liver?

Alcohol does affect your liver and daily excessive consumption can cause long-term damage! However, on-balance, it is good! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Gail Reply:

    Drinking too much alcohol can cause a variety of vision problems. If you are liquor abuse can lead to liver damage which can have permanent effects on your eyesight. Judgment. Since alcohol is mind altering, it can mess up your judgment. Source:

  2. Annis Reply:

    Alcohol does permanent brain damage, particularly to teenagers Too much can mess up your liver and just about everything so don’t overdo

  3. Alethea Reply:

    Frequent and excessive drinking of alcohol causes your liver to build up fatty tissue. If the behavior is not stopped, over time, this fatty tissue causes scaring, and ultimately liver failure. Source:

  4. Jay Reply:

    Alcohol in moderation does not usually cause damage to your liver. Excessive alcohol abuse over a period of time can completely destroy your liver. It will clog the liver and prevent it from performing necessary functions to the body. You c… Source:

  5. Myrta Reply:

    Alcohol can cause the liver many problems. Not only can it cause diseases such as a fatty liver it can be deadly. Have you doctor to check your liver enzymes if liver pain persist. Source:

  6. Helen Reply:

    how does the liver help the immunesystem work to filter alcohol liver?)? im doing this report for?? (and how does alcohol destroy the my chemistry teacher and i cant find anyw

  7. Dorathy Reply:

    No, it wont stun your growth, nor will it STUNT your growth! Its just not good for teens to drink, since your systems are still developing!Spirits would be your hard liquor! That would be rum, vodka, tequila, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, etcetera!Beer and wine are considered soft alcoholic drinks!Hard liquor is a tough thing to just jump into right away! Its one of those things you kinda need to work your way up to! Most people start off with beer (even though they think its really nasty) or wine or even the coolers!A little bit of alcohol wont hurt your liver, if youre not drinking hard core, right away! Were talking MAYBE a drink a week, while youre still underage!Drinking isnt really good for anyone, even those of us who are of legal age! However, being adults, we can decide if/when we want to drink, and how much we will consume!Sorry if it seemed a bit preachy to you! I wasnt trying to, even though the mom in me is screaming to just tell you no to drinking, period! I know if my children asked me a zillion questions like this about alcohol, Id totally freak on them! They know better than to drink until theyre 21! If the law doesnt scare them *I* will! Theyd be wishing for time in jail to keep me from killing them!

  8. Vita Reply:

    Can you answer these Conditions and Diseases questions? Not too much. It mainly screws with your brain and Alcohol messes up your liver. ~{Insomniac

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