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How to make cramps go away?

Take your vitamins! Mind your minerals! Cut out caffeine! Abstain from alcohol! Don’t do diuretics Get into balance! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Yanira Reply:

    With such uncomfortable side effects as bloating, cramps and fatigue, it's no wonder that women wish for How to Make Numbness in Your Mouth Go Away Source:

  2. Gala Reply:

    Shelby I bet you are about to have the "curse" and I wished I could help. Try a warm compress with a wet towel wrapped in a plastic bag and put in the microwave. (be careful about not getting it too hot). There are theories about exercising

  3. Catrice Reply:

    Depends on the person. I had period like cramps off and on until I was about 10 weeks. But some people don’t get any at all. Source:

  4. Grayce Reply:

    Prunes… =( WELL I have found that during that time either Chocolate or Dairy products will get the job done easy ^_^ or if your into HOT chocolate made with milk then that works to. Chocolate ice Cream is also a good way to stop the cramp… Source:

  5. Sharee Reply:

    The moment you feel your calf muscle cramping,pinch both sides of the channel beneath your nostrils(technically called the philtrum)between your thumb and index finger. Using a firm grip (not too firm)alternately squeeze and slightly twist … Source:

  6. Jenna Reply:

    How can i tell the difference between, implantation cramps, PMS cramps, ovulation cramps, & a ovarian cyst? SO CONFUSING!!!! Because they all have the same symptoms as each ot

  7. Deon Reply:

    HI my dad is like an expert runner and this is what he said to do!! It is called belly breathing and what you do is as soon as you feel a cramp coming on!! you breathe in and try to stick your stomach out and when you breathe out and pull your belly in!!! what this does is work out your cramp! I run cross country and I do it all the time it serioulsy hhelps!!!

  8. Felicitas Reply:

    Do not exceed the recommended amounts of either medication. If the cramping How can you make your period go away faster? Uh, you kinda can't. Unless

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