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Is it bad to put rubbing alcohol on your face?

It’s not bad to put rubbing alcohol on your face! You want to keep it away from your eyes though! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Veronika Reply:

    If your razor bumps are especially bad or do not respond to treatment, see a dermatologist. How to Use Rubbing Alcohol for Your Face After You Shave Source:

  2. Pilar Reply:

    It can be and it can also be good. If you put a lot on, maybe everyday or every hour, it can irritate your face and make it dry. If you use it once in a while, not everyday or hour, you will be fine. Maybe use it once every 3 months? If

  3. Larita Reply:

    Hormonal changes during pregnancy often result in oily skin, clogged pores and unpleasant, painful acne that is difficult to control and clear up. Rubbing alcohol can be used to dry the oils in the skin and may help lessen the appearance of… Source:

  4. Mai Reply:

    If you skin is sensitive enough you can get a chemical burn. Otherwise, it will remove the oils your skin produces which will make it dry. Source:

  5. Thi Reply:

    Alcohol can overdry the skin if used in excess, and can also cause increased oil production as your face "compensates" for the dryness caused by the alcohol. For the purposes of cleaning your *whole* face, it is best to use face wash, a bab… Source:

  6. Mika Reply:

    Is it bad for your acne pulls the dirt and oil to use rubbing alcohol to few times a day to clean your face? I use rubbing alcohol a clean my face because it off so well. Is

  7. Lita Reply:

    Yes, alcohol is very drying for your skin!!!!even if it helps short term, youre damaging your skin in the long run!For acne, its better to find good treatment products instead (that are less drying and harsh on your skin)!Check out these links for treatment options:http://www!skinacea!com/product_recs/rec_acne!htmhttp://www!skinacea!com/acne/treat_list!htmGood luck!

  8. Kandice Reply:

    i use it for my face it clears up my skin the only thing is if you use it on a Why is rubbing alcohol bad for your face? Will rubbing alcohol burn your face?

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