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Is it safe to put peroxide is your ear?

Peroxide and alcohol can remove ear wax but be cautious about the amount used and make sure that they are diluted by warm water! Any Suggestions here?


  1. kylie Reply:

    Its not the safest due to if it does get stuck in the canal it can cause infection, but I’ve done this method several times for wax build up or plugged ears. Just don’t use it often use half a cap full and don’t keepit on more then 30 seconds then immediately tip over and drain into cloth. Any adverse affects happen do not repeat this again and seek treatment.

  2. Kimbra Reply:

    How to Put Peroxide in Your Ears. Dosing your ear with peroxide Over-the- counter pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide is safe to use in your ears. Source:

  3. Lavenia Reply:

    Yes. In fact, it can be very helpful in terms of killing bacteria. A few drops of 3% H2O2 is plenty. Let it sit for a few minutes (there may be some bubbling or mild stinging) and then allow the excess to drain out. INterestingly, H202 (i.e

  4. Earleen Reply:

    It is not recommended to use peroxide in the ear because if it became trapped inside the ear, it could cause harm to the tissue inside the ear. Some home remedies would have warm water mixed with a small amount of peroxide mixed into it. Bu… Source:

  5. Romaine Reply:

    Hydrogen Peroxide has been used for years as a means to kill bacteria. The most popular use for this medical staple is to treat small wounds, such as the skinned knee or elbow of your child. For years, people have used peroxide to treat ail… Source:

  6. Adriane Reply:

    The use of hydrogen peroxide is a time-honored home remedy for wax buildup in the ears. At the same time, the bubbling action often is also soothing to someone who is dealing with an earache. Properly applying the peroxide can make all the … Source:

  7. Aleen Reply:

    Is it safe to put Hydrogen i could put hydrogen p Peroxide in your ear? so my ear is has past 5 hours giving me become kinda sore for the a sore throat, and i was wondering if

  8. Coralee Reply:

    yes, it helps to have an assistant when you do it!, Lay down on your side and pour a capful of the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in the ear and leave it in until it ceases to fizz! I actually like the fizzing feeling in my ear!This is also a good way to keep the earwax down!If the pain persists, by all means get in to see your doctor!Take care and be well!

  9. Celena Reply:

    Most people say "Don't put anything in you ear smaller than your elbow. He can then clean them out for you easily and, more importantly, safely. You can do this often and hydrogen peroxide is pretty cheap, but DO NOT USE TOO MUCH

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