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What are some of the causes of a headache?

Headache causes include: eye strain, caffeine withdrawal, sinus inflammation, swelling, muscle tension & alcohol consumption! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Felica Reply:

    This means some peoples' bodies will basically react to salt by creating a change Another theory behind salt causing a migraine headache involves a certain Source:

  2. Cythia Reply:

    The most likely cause of headaches is contraction of the muscles that cover the skull. Then they may spasm and cause pain.

  3. Steffanie Reply:

    There are many things that can cause headaches. Some of the more common causes are stress, needing eye glasses, dehydration, sensory over stimulation such as loud noise or music. These are a few and there are many more. Some patients requir… Source:

  4. Yelena Reply:

    It is still somewhat a mystery as to what causes migrain headaches, though some feel chemicals in the brain play a part. Doctors are still looking into the cause today and think they may have narrowed it down to some of the triggers. Source:

  5. Shela Reply:

    There are many causes for headaches and nausea. Headaches can be caused by stress, head injury, staring at a computer screen, or illness. Nausea can be caused by eating bad foods, pregnancy, illness, or medication. Source:

  6. Annabel Reply:

    Which is more painful: sinus headache, migraine headache, stress headache,or broken wisdom tooth…? …with nerve and pulp exposed, flaring that terrible pain in your jaw and

  7. Nikki Reply:

    Have you been eating or drinking anything or chewing a new gum for the past four days?? It could be a reaction to aspartame or sucrolose (also called splenda)! I know it sounds strange, but those two food additives are complained about more than most to the FDA, and headaches are number ONE on the list of complaints! I know I always get a headache if I have any, even just a tiny sip of diet soda!They are in foods like diet foods, nearly every gum, and are hidden in a LOT of foods, too (foods that arent marked as diet)! Try reading ingredients and avoid the following – aspartame, aspar-tame, aspartic acid, sucrolose (not sucrose, sucrose is okay), splenda and sweet-n-low! If the headaches go away, youll know it was because of the artificial sweeteners!Also, I recommend the book Sweet Deception by Joseph Mercola, which details what artificial sweeteners do, how to avoid them and how the FDA knew they were poisonous, but approved them anyway, to make a profit!

  8. Tamiko Reply:

    How does chocolate cause some headaches? Chocolate can affect the brain by causing the release of certain neurotransmitters Chocolate can affect the brain

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