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What are things you can’t do when pregnant?

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  1. Tommye Reply:

    How to Celebrate New Year's Eve Pregnant. New Year's Eve may seem a bit boring if you're pregnant because you can't drink alcohol or do some things you Source:

  2. Randee Reply:

    What can you do to make your pregnancy healthier? Here are some good reminders about the do’s and don’ts for moms and their babies.

  3. Roseann Reply:

    You can get pregnant when you are ovulating. There are several ways to determine if you are ovulating. First keep track of your cycle you will ovulate 10-14 days before your period. When you are ovulating you will notice that the mucus in y… Source:

  4. Lisbeth Reply:

    A woman can get pregnant during the time she ovulates, but first a woman must be getting her period because once the period starts a woman ovulates that means she releases an egg. The egg travels to the fallopian tuebes towards the uterus. … Source:

  5. Marcia Reply:

    To get pregnant, a woman needs to have intercourse at the time her body ovulates. Ovulation is the process of the ovary releasing an egg and for most women occurs about 2 weeks after their period. You can determine your ovulation time using… Source:

  6. Teresita Reply:

    what are things you can and by a week but i can’t do when your pregnant and’t you eat either? just wanna know im pregnant what kinds of things can for the first time only wann

  7. Dagmar Reply:

    You can eat deli meat if it is fully heated beforehand! I also never heard about the queso dip but I dont really eat it anyway! As for the other things (Brie, Camembert, and the occassional sip of beer with my german brats) I just try not to think about it and fill my kitchen and tummy with things thy I love and can still have and just pretend the others dont even exist! Or try and tell myself I dont like it anyway or any excuse I can think! Sometimes a nice piece of chocolate calms me down as well! No one is taking away my chocolate!

  8. Susie Reply:

    Answer. Lift a lot of weight. Stress out it varies for all women. Early in pregnancy you can do pretty much everything you are used to although it is not a good

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