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What can you drink to make yourself throw up?

Any alcoholic beverage that you drink to much of will help you in succeeding in throwing up! Your finger will work great though! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Johnsie Reply:

    the dark. This article will give you tips on how to drink safe so that you do not become a fatality. What you are drinking can make you sicker than the alcohol. A beer can . However, starving yourself or throwing up to lose weight are harsh. Source:

  2. Hiedi Reply:

    Mix 500ml of hot, but not too hot to drink, water with 100-150ml of yellow mustard. Add about 3 teaspoons of salt and mix. It is highly disgusting, and almost guarantees you will throw up.

  3. Oneida Reply:

    I know you really don’t want to throw up but sometimes we just know if we do it and get it over with, we will feel much better. It’s quite easy but a bit unpleasant. Head for the toilet bowl and kneel over it. Stick your index and middle fi… Source:

  4. Karla Reply:

    Most people will use their gag reflex to make themselves throw up. This can be done with your finger or a utensil to hit the gag point in your throat. In ancient Rome, they had ones carved from ivory to make themselves throw up so they coul… Source:

  5. Samella Reply:

    It is very easy to make yourself throw up. All you have to do is stick your finger down your throat. Sometimes, you have such a sour stomach, and you think if you could throw up you would feel so much better. Source:

  6. Vanesa Reply:

    Should this drink make me want generic for chocolate “Slim Fast” a few days ago. I had one can on to throw up? I bought some Target brand Wednesday and my stomach hurt for the

  7. Kum Reply:

    oooh, I just hate this! I am not going to lecture, I feel you already know all you need to about this! I am bulimic with anorexia behaviors! I am not young, and I have been this way for ten years! It is very very easy to learn to like it quickly and find it a way of life, until it takes your life, Ive been hospitalized many time! Sorry, enough of that, I am sorry but had to! Please, whatever you do, do not drink any of the stuff that makes you throw up, they will kill you! Sticking your finger down your throat does work and yes, you do throw up on your finger, also the puke splashes up on your face and in your hair, its very attractive! Bulimia will not nessasary make you loose weight, thus the anorexia will start! I am bulimic only when I eat, of course, makes sense huh! Anorexia will take your life over and make you very weak, so if that happens then you will not have to worry about your dance next year because you wont care about it anymore! If you really want to loose some weight really quickly, instead of eating and throwing up, try fasting some, drop your calories down to like 800 (now this is anorexic behaviors and I do not recommend them, but I do recommend it over bulimia) another really fast way to loose weight is do the 800 calories for two days, then go up to 1200 one day, then repeat! This is actually your best bet to have fat loss and not have your muscles break down, making you look fat and sloppy! When you bump the caloires up to the 1200, this gives your body a break and makes it keep from going into a starvation mode, causing ketosis to stop! Good luck, I hope I didnt preach to much and I hope I didnt cause more problems by telling you what I did, I am just concerned that you would go the bulimic path and that should not be an option for you, it does not work!

  8. Marianna Reply:

    If you touch it, your body's normal reaction is What do you have if you make yourself throw-up? What happens when you make yourself throw up? Take it from

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