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What do you need to make meth?

Meth is an illegal substance and we don’t help with anything illegal! Meth is mostly made in illegal laboratories! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Telma Reply:

    Die-hards out there can make lye themselves at home from wood ashes and rain water, but the. you're on your own, so make sure you have all the information you need stating that you will not be using the lye you purchase to make meth. Source:

  2. Ashanti Reply:

    In order to make meth, you need to not care if you spend the remainder of your life in prison as well as a few other things!

  3. Maurice Reply:

    Crystal Meth is made for about 15 different substances normally in a kitchen or bathroom. It is made mostly out of pseudoephedrine, phosphorous and iodine. It can also have amonia, paint thinner, Drano, or Lithium from batteries. Source:

  4. Martha Reply:

    Crystal meth has been known to cause violent behavior, mood swings, convulsions and paranoia. Long-term use can lead to brain damage with symptoms similar to those of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. I would strongly advise staying awa… Source:

  5. Jessie Reply:

    There are tons of chemicals inside of meth. It is a terrible drug that has many bad side effects, including death. It is made of things such as sinus medicine and bleach. Look here for more information: Source:

  6. Henrietta Reply:

    what are the different types of meth? Pictures of meth users? Anything about meth!? I have to do a. I have some stuff so five page report on methamphetamine far so i will name

  7. Ileen Reply:

    I know a bit of chemistry! It is a fairly complex chemical process that can poison you if it is done wrong! If you dont know what pills you are looking for or think that it matters whether they are caplets or gel caps, youll probably kill yourself if you cook it yourself! Seriously–what is the most complicated thing you have baked as food?? Do you really think you could handle something that is so much more complex than a souffle, and so much more deadly when you screw it up??There are several routes (I can think of two off the top of my head) a chemist could go to make it, and not all of them involve pills! If you look at the chemical structure of meth, youll see two basic parts of it! You can find chemicals that contain one of those parts and add the other functional groups to that one to form the second part! If you cant figure it out from what little I just said (which you should have been able to figure out on your own anyway), then you are not qualified to make it–if someone wrote a recipe down youd probably screw up something you thought didnt matter! Besides that–why take it?? It will probably kill you in five years!

  8. Kathline Reply:

    Sneakers are made with canvas or other heavy cloth for the uppers, which are attached to a sole of rubber or leather. Most have laces to fasten the top. They can

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