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What does it mean if you’re sick and you sweat a lot?

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  1. Gilberte Reply:

    If you take care of your piercing properly, these infections should drain quickly Do not get dirt on your face, and be sure to wash your piercing carefully after you sweat a lot. And do not remove the piercing–particularly during an infection. notice that their piercings tend to become swollen or infected when they get sick, Source:

  2. Bryanna Reply:

    Why and for what reason does one sweat when sick Am I getting better or Get lots of rest, drink plenty of fluids (to replace what you’re losing in the . "what does it mean when you sweat for no reason you can be seat not

  3. Thu Reply:

    Water Orange juice Tea Source:'s_something_specific_you_should_drink_a_lot_of_when_you're_sick

  4. Dusti Reply:

    Menopause and idiopathic hyperhidrosis are conditions that cause night sweats, even when you don’t have a sick feeling. Source:'re-not-sick

  5. Ayana Reply:

    It is good to sweat when you are sick because it allows for some of the "bugs" to exit your body via sweat. This does not mean going to the gym and trying to work up a big sweat! Your body does need to rest. When you have a chest cold sweat… Source:'s_good_to_sweat_when_you're_sick

  6. Nikole Reply:

    my dad’s balls sweat a lot when we play twister, his sweat drips on the mat. what should i do? sometimes i slip and fall first on it, should i tell him?

  7. Laquanda Reply:

    NVQ in the UK is ok to boost your education but not if you are a fully qualified nurse! You could not survive on £6 per hour working 20 hours per week because that is £120 which is not enough to survive on as rent etc is very expensive, my weekly rent for my flat/apartment is £68, council tax is £20 per week and electricity is £25 per week! Unemployment here in the UK is high and most of the UK recently graduated nurses are unemployed and for any job that is advertised there is up to 2000 people applying for it so I am not being rude but I think we have enough unemployment problems for the British person without people like yourself adding to it! I cant comment of Agency A because I done know anything about them but it doesnt sound legal or secure! Good Luck!

  8. Filomena Reply:

    Starve a fever: Digestion does take a lot of energy from the body, but the big reason to avoid food during a As for keeping your temperature up when you are sick: that is correct to a point. "Feed a fever" means bundle up and sweat it out.

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