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What does it mean when you hallucinate due to alcohol?

Hallucinations means seeing, hearing or (very occasionally) feeling things that seem real, but that do not in fact happen! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Mark Reply:

    When first learning how to hallucinate easily, it will be easier to do so This could mean even dressing like you would in your new career or a playing a vital role in how people respond to cocaine, nicotine, alcohol and amphetamines. You Dream about and Have Lucid Dreams · What Does a Bicycle Mean in a Dream? Source:

  2. Cruz Reply:

    And Alcoholics Anonymous is an excellent place to do that. The fact that you are having hallucinations from alcohol use or withdrawal strongly suggests that you are So what does it mean to be alcohol dependant?

  3. Leila Reply:

    Absinthe is an alcoholic drink made with an extract from wormwood. Real absinthe, illegal in the US, makes you hallucinate. Source:

  4. Kai Reply:

    There are pharmacological supports that assist with hallucinations. We cannot comment on specific protocols. Source:

  5. Joelle Reply:

    Although light to moderate alcohol consumption may reduce some risk factors of heart disease, doctors do not recommend it. They know too many people already drink heavily or have patterns which are associated with damage to cardiac health. … Source:

  6. Gaynell Reply:

    Can Alcohol make you hallucinate? Awhile ago I drank half I was freaking trippin’. Is that normal? At one point this old a bottle of jack and indian guy was grabbing on my

  7. Oretha Reply:

    good!!!!some grammatical errors but otherwise, keep it up!answer mine??http://answers!yahoo!com/question/index??qid=20091207161110AAbGmTJ

  8. Evalyn Reply:

    Hallucinations can result when attention collapses from intense arousal due to . depressants such as barbiturates, heroin, and alcohol (see delirium tremens), and .. is a free vocabulary and spelling program where you . visual hallucinations does not in itself mean there is necessarily a disorder .

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