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What does it mean when your urine is really dark?

Discolored urine is often caused by medications, certain foods or food dyes! Medical conditions can also cause dark urine! Thanks! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Elane Reply:

    your bladder's always full. Urge incontinence means you can't hold urine for very long. Mixed incontinence means your leaking urine has multiple causes. What Are the Causes of Dark Urine & Incontinence? How to Cure Frequent Source:

  2. Lottie Reply:

    What does it mean (medically) that my urine is dark yellow in color?? from concentrated urine (meaning it is being retained too long either

  3. Marshall Reply:

    The amount of pigmentation that you have in your skin is hereditary. Your genetics determine your amount of melanin, the substance responsible for your skin color. However, damage to the skin, like sun damage and scars, can cause dark patch… Source:

  4. Adrienne Reply:

    Various types of foods or drink affect urine coloration. Some examples are: beets, borscht (beet soup), asparagus,…MORE Source:

  5. Jane Reply:

    Due to the wealth of easily accessible information, we are often inundated with symptoms for so many illnesses that it is difficult to pinpoint the exact malady. Dark urine and incontinence (involuntary urine leaks) can be signs of many ill… Source:

  6. Amada Reply:

    my urine is dark yello i but last 3 years my have urine test its ok urine is totaly yello its symtoms of hiv?

  7. Margeret Reply:

    there is a possibility, had been drunk/drink something or smoking! Nor of them, thats mean your kidney is not in a good condition!Drink fresh water be able to fix this, no sugar, no alcohol

  8. Nana Reply:

    What does dark and smelly urine mean? It could mean a real problem you need to see your doctor about. But it more likely means, you aren't drinking enough

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