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What is the best thing to help menstrual cramps?

To relieve menstrual cramps, you should also: Rest when needed! Avoid foods that contain caffeine! Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol! Massage your lower back and abdomen! Take an aspirin! Use a heating pad! Exercise! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Liza Reply:

    Never wear a tampon when you are experiencing menstrual cramps and bloating . is the best way to prevent and relieve menstrual cramps and bloating naturally . 3 this position tends to help women manage their menstrual pain effectively. Source:

  2. Jolynn Reply:

    MIDOL! Midol will be your best friend if you use it. But if you prefer not to use medication, I recommend activity. While hot baths can relieve pain, lying still that long will usually only worsen your cramps. Heating pads are a better alte

  3. Mabel Reply:

    IBPROFEN 800’S! I suggest no chocolate, you will more than likely crave it but it only make your cramps worse. Exercising helps too, I know it’s hard to get up but it relaxes your muscles. An old Irish trick is to add red currant juice to G… Source:

  4. Fredda Reply:

    Ibuprofen: Take one 200mg tablet twice a day. Start this about 3-4 BEFORE your period starts. Heating pad: Hold a heating pad to the cramped area. Or, even though it sounds Strange, sit on the heating pad. Be careful not to set the heating … Source:

  5. Francie Reply:

    Nothing reallt helps, it is a miserable time that women have to suffer through. Midol is more effective that anything else out there. Try a warm compress on your abdomen and get rest. Source:

  6. Myesha Reply:

    Implantation bleeding? Sore breasts, 4 days late menstrual, menstrual like cramps and negative E.P.T.? Hi everyone, This is my first time on Yahoo Answers. I’m hoping to get s

  7. Rosio Reply:

    hot bath, thermacare, and try walking around a bit instead of sitting!

  8. Kandra Reply:

    What is the best thing to relieve menstrual cramps? Keep in mind that a high- potency B-complex vitamin may help if you're susceptible to menstrual cramps.

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