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What makes you pee the bed when you are drunk?

If you have had enough alcohol it can cause you to misjudge your bathroom time and pee on yourself or in the bed! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Tanna Reply:

    Adult bed-wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, occurs when you involuntarily wet the to rouse easily to make it to the restroom in time, this can result in bed-wetting. Source:

  2. Naoma Reply:

    Sep 20, 2010 It normally happens after I have been drinking – enough to be drunk but not paralytic. Beer makes me wet the bed The fact that you wet the bed until a late age would point to the fact that your bladder control may be

  3. Karly Reply:

    Drinking typically makes you have to urinate more and being intoxicated usually doesnt let you control your body as well. Source:

  4. Shawnta Reply:

    what you could do is get them to drink warm water, orange soda, or cranberry juice before bed (and maybe a sleeping pill or 2) then, when they’re asleep, (if they’re a light sleeper, you’re sol) get a hot water bottle and place it on their … Source:

  5. Shantel Reply:

    You are too drunk to wake up when you need to pee. Source:

  6. Chantel Reply:

    i have a kidney infection and go to the restroom so i just went to sleep i drunk a glass of bed. i had to pee really cranberry juice and water before bad? i was to lazy to. i

  7. Rheba Reply:

    Yes, if you drink to excess that can very easily happen! You should stop before you get that drunk! A little alcohol isnt bad for you, but getting that drunk will damage your body in a lot of ways! It will eventually destroy your liver and thats a death sentence if you cant get a transplant!

  8. Anika Reply:

    Why does a Drunk person urinate the bed? Improve Can you answer these Alcoholism questions? Will you get drunk if you make out with a drunk person?

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