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Why do my gauges itch?

Alcohol swabs work best to relieve the itch, and it does not burn whatsoever! It will sting for about 2 seconds though! Clean your ears and the gauges with that! Wash them in the shower and message your ears! Most importantly keep your hands clean! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Jacelyn Reply:

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  2. Melisa Reply:

    When I kept my gauges out until they had stopped being itchy and leaking I put regular earings back in but now it started up again. What should I do? Please and

  3. Terrie Reply:

    Treat it for a while with solution the provider gave you. Make sure you wash your hands first and keep chemicals away from it. Source:

  4. Dawna Reply:

    There are many reasons why your gauged ear holes may itch, they could be infected, are they newly pierced? Source:

  5. Lucile Reply:

    The itchiness may be from irritation or infection at the piercing site or an allergy to certain metals. Source:

  6. Lessie Reply:

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  7. Annamaria Reply:

    I agree with Versantly, it might just be the type of gauge you put in your ear! Dont listen to any of the haters, expression is expression, no matter how you choose to do it!

  8. Krista Reply:

    Im joining the marines and had to get my 00s to close down to where my holes cant be Ear gauges can close over time if you don't wear a plug or tunnel in it.

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