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Why do people touch glasses when they say cheers?

One theory is that the "spirits" in alcoholic were considered actual malicious entities, but could be frightened away with noise! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Myesha Reply:

    It is common for people to schedule a "toasting time," so the waiters can traditions and allow the bridesmaids and bride to make toasts if they'd like. 5. Say, "Cheers" to conclude your toast. 6. Clink your glasses with those around you , but remember that it's not necessary for you to touch glasses with everyone at the table. Source:

  2. Cecile Reply:

    If you wish to honor those present, say something such as, "We would like to extend For a toast, South Africans raise their glasses and say "Cheers!" On less formal occasions, they sometimes clink their glasses together and say "Chin Chin ." After the first toast and touching of the glasses, glasses are tapped on the table

  3. Deena Reply:

    Touch the table to symbolically toast those who are out of reach, lost or fallen comrades. Source:

  4. Marquetta Reply:

    Cheers→ Salud Source:

  5. Gaye Reply:

    Toasting, especially drinking "to your health" actually began as a way of ensuring that the drinks were not poisoned. Source:

  6. Jacquelyne Reply:

    why do we keep glasses down saying cheers while drinking? When we do cheers, we take one sip and after taking first sip after then keep the glasses down, why so ?

  7. Trinidad Reply:

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  8. Lavone Reply:

    Why do you say 'cheers' when you drink? Sometimes the glasses are touched ( clinked) together during the toast. no they do not as it has to do with spirits

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