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Why do you get hot when you drink alcohol?

Hundreds of small capillaries near the surface open up (dilate) during drinking, and more blood flows through them as a result! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Morgan Reply:

    Why Does Your Face Get Hot When You Drink Alcohol?. Alcohol is consumed in liquid form, is absorbed by the stomach and small intestine and enters the Source:

  2. Aleida Reply:

    Alcohol widens surface blood vessels in the skin. Makes you red and speeds up the activity in your mucuous membranes.

  3. Lindsey Reply:

    When you’ve become addicted to anything (alcohol included) it can be extremely difficult to quit alone. The great news is that there IS hope! You are not the only person that’s wanted or needed to quit drinking. Others, before you have stop… Source:

  4. Lyda Reply:

    In moderation, the healthiest alcoholic drink would be a 6 ounce glass of wine. It is said that wine helps heart health. But any alcohol in large amounts is not healthy. Source:

  5. Corliss Reply:

    Mulled wine (Red wine, hot water, spices). Source:

  6. Bonny Reply:

    If i drink alcohol i get really red and hot… I understand that many people…but what happens to me is get flushed when they drink not the typical alcohol induced flushed fa

  7. Elenor Reply:

    the heat from the tus makes you light headed and there are a few factors in the realm of why not my thoughts (yet not scientifically proven as far as i know)the alcohol gets ibto your blood quicker kinda like mixing sedatives and liquer!they also both effect your blood pressue hope you have a safe holiday!!!!

  8. Chanda Reply:

    Does alcohol make you feel warm? Yes, but your core temp. is getting lower. Bad idea to drink in a snow storm as your only hope. How does drinking alcohol

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