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Why do you puke when you get drunk?

A byproduct of alcohol breakdown by the liver is acetaldehyde,a toxic substance!In high concentrations, acetaldehyde attacks!!! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Alecia Reply:

    Plan ahead if you know that you and your friends are going to get drunk at a party . able to hold the beer longer than you are supposed to, or you may even vomit. The more activity you do, the more you will get rid of the alcohol content in Source:

  2. Marilyn Reply:

    Also, let me include that I am usually a light weight sometimes getting drunk off So when you throw up after drinking are you basically rid-ing all the alcohol out Or does it have something to do with the fact that I have built up a tolerance to it

  3. Kimberely Reply:

    I don’t do that very often anymore, but last time was late last summer or early fall at our friend’s out in the country. We were staying overnight, thankfully…so, I didn’t have to drive. Source:

  4. Emelia Reply:

    It means you have a very serious medical problem and need to see a doctor right away. This condition could be life threatening, so you should go to an emergency room right away. Source:

  5. Janene Reply:

    You! Source:

  6. Carmel Reply:

    How did i drink enough to. I never felt drunk though so i kept drinking and puke but not get drunk party last night and drank? Alright, so i went to a a shit load of vodka ev

  7. Tammera Reply:

    People are self-destructive! They love what is bad for them! Just look at cigarettes, and how filthy rich the manufacturers of them are, and how many people smoke even though it contains rat poision and toilet cleaners, gives you lung and heart cancer, and gradually kills you! Ive heard beer makes people feel carefree and happy! It makes them forget all their worries! But, other than hangover, you can get killed! I learnt in Chemistry how alcohol can be toxic in large quantities, its a depressant, and it slows reactions (which causes deaths) Do a search to see how many people have gotten killed by beer or alcohol! Not only because it can be toxic, but also because they do things they dont mean to do or cant control, like walking into the street and getting hit by a car, by committing suicide, by doing something illegal that can get them thrown in prison, or even by killing someone by mistake! Like I said, its just like cigaretttes! If you dont drink or smoke youre lame! If you do, you can die! Cigarettes taste bad too, but people force themselves to get used to it, then they cant stop! Its horrible! Also, both cigarettes and beer make your breath stink!PS: Sorry for continuously mentioning cigarettes, I just think its the best way to help you understand what Im trying to say!

  8. Naida Reply:

    But most people do get better over time just by drinking more, so the more you do it, the less you will get the urge to throw up. This is not recommended though.

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