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Why does my stomach hurt after I drink beer?

There could be several reasons for your stomach hurting after beer, the carbonation?? Or is it a burning, maybe from the alcohol! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Edwina Reply:

    If your stomach ache does not feel better within 24 hours, you need to see a doctor, because it could Wellness · Family Health · Managing My Health In the past, peppermint oil was used to flavor after dinner mints because it aids in digestions. Drink ginger beer or ginger soda, or try sucking on a piece of fresh ginger. Source:

  2. Jeremy Reply:

    Mar 17, 2009 I used to be able to chug beer after beer without … Why does my stomach hurt after i drink alcohol? Whenever I drink beer, I get an upset

  3. Sandi Reply:

    I was diagnosed with acid reflux, or GERD, about two years ago. When I have a bad flare up, typically lasting a few weeks, anything and everything I put into my stomach hurts, and water tends to be the worst. Since I never really felt acid … Source:

  4. Floria Reply:

    Maybe it is too strong for you. Maybe like another commenter said you drank it too fast and it was cold. Maybe you have an allergy to beer. Where abouts is this stomach pain? I had some vodka and after I drank it my upper abdomin really I m… Source:

  5. Tena Reply:

    Your stomach hurting after you eat could be caused by a few different things such as not chewing your food well. Possible the fluids you drink with your food is causing your stomach to be upset. Possibly if you are on different meds you tak… Source:

  6. Leslee Reply:

    why does beer hurt my stomach? I used to be able without feeling any pain. I hadn’t drank in a while and to chug beer after beer I bought a 12 pack of keystone light (gross, i

  7. Janice Reply:

    because you shoudnt drink it

  8. Vena Reply:

    When you drink root beer through a straw do you get a tummy ache? I have been feeling sick to my stomach badly for over 3 days now i have been eating

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