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Why would an adult pee in the bed?

Bedwetting in adults can be caused by: stress, anxiety, urine infection, alcohol, coffee, or diuretics medicine, and diabetes! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Marion Reply:

    Adult bed-wetting, or nocturnal enuresis, occurs when you involuntarily wet the bed at Wetting the bed as a child can also become a factor later in adulthood. Source:

  2. Jettie Reply:

    If an adult become intoxicated than passes out in bed, they will sometime urinate in the bed. They are to drunk to get up.

  3. Ninfa Reply:

    Bedwetting persists in about 1% of the adult population. Source:

  4. Joellen Reply:

    An adult would pee in bed if you stuck their hands in warm water. Source:

  5. Lena Reply:

    If you pee your bed at night then you mey have bladder problems… you should consult a doctor about this. Source:

  6. Jan Reply:

    Why did my adult dog pee my bed with me late on our bed? My one year old, fully potty/house trained Rotweiler/Australian Shepherd mix was laying in at night while watching TV.

  7. Ardell Reply:

    Your bladder was full during the night, and for some reason your brain didnt get the message in time to wake up and deal with it!!! so your bladder couldnt hold it and you peed while you were still asleep! Happens to a lot of people from time to time, most of them dont like to advertise it though! As long as it was/is and isolated incident, I wouldnt worry! If it starts happening regularly then you probably want to see a doctor to see if you are developing some kind of bladder problem!

  8. Genevie Reply:

    An adult might wet the bed if they needed to pee but couldn't wake up to do so. Sometimes that person is simply too tired and was in a certain stage of sleep.

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