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Are there any over the counter treatments for Pink Eye?

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief eye drops is an over the counter Pink eye medication! For infections, a doctor must be seen! ! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Wilma Reply:

    Treatments of pink eye can vary from over-the-counter medications to doctor there is no cure for a virus-caused pink eye, there are treatments available to help Detail:

  2. Patti Reply:

    Not medical advice. You may use Patanol, antihistamines or Similasan Allergy Eye Relief eye drops.

  3. Jaqueline Reply:

    Daily use of Viadent oral rinse will prevent chronic stomatitis (canker sores). More:

  4. Samuel Reply:

    Molluscum Contagiosum is sometimes mistaken as a wart. Although both are caused from viral infections, Molluscum Contagiosum is caused by a pox virus, while warts are caused by the human papilloma virus. The wart-like lesions that are cause… More:

  5. Blanch Reply:

    Nail fungus can be relatively hard to treat because the fungi and yeast spores that can cause the infection actually live underneath the nail bed, where it is difficult for topical medications to reach. Over-the-counter nail fungus treatmen… More:

  6. Deeanna Reply:

    My dog is 10 yrs old dogs human over the counter, she seems to have feline counter human pink eye medicine pink eye, can I apply over the? Also can we give our eye drops

  7. Jesenia Reply:

    There are water based eye drops that can be bought without prescription! You can even ask the pharmacist for that!However, eye drops have different effect on different people!To some, it is healing but to some, they just make it worst! I already experienced pink eyes twice! YOu know waht a I did both times??I relax and sleep all day! I tried to rest my eyes! Moving and tiring your eye will worsen your pink eye! By resting the eyes, my pink eyes were gone in a day! Believe it or not! The next day my pink eyes were almost healed! I never take any medication!This method works to me, it wont hurt if you try, right??

  8. Irish Reply:

    eye you have. Don't waste your money on this product, use that money to go see a doctor. Is there over the counter pink eye medication? yes pink eye was

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