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Can you all of a sudden be allergic to cats?

Yes! Your allergies can change with your age! You can grow up never being allergic to cats and suddenly become allergic later on in life! Thanks for using ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Elsy Reply:

    All cats have dander, but cats with dense coats or that are less well-groomed will have Even bald cats can cause allergic response and anaphylactic shock; they too cat dander, a severe allergic response causes sudden release of chemicals You hear a lot about people being allergic to cats, but cats themselves can Detail:

  2. Marguerite Reply:

    If you or a member of your family have allergy problems, the cause may be your If you can minimize the non-cat allergens in the air you breathe and control Clean up the dander that has accumulated all over the house by vacuuming thoroughly. Extreme temperatures and sudden changes in temperature can lower the

  3. Marni Reply:

    Maybe you need to give him/her entirely new litter,or something like that. More:

  4. Flora Reply:

    He MIGHT be sick or he may have a presents of something like a new cat or ect More:

  5. Lesha Reply:

    There are so many types of fur in the cat family that you may be sensitive to this, that but not the other. You are apparently allergic in this case to the mother’s spittle that she uses to clean them. She won’t quit this for quite a while … More:

  6. Estell Reply:

    All of a sudden highly allergic to cats? I used to own cats, and while I was fairly when I was a teenager allergic to them, it was doable. I could live with watery eyes and sn

  7. Lovella Reply:

    Yes an allergy can develop at any time in your life! This is because allergies are caused by the release of histamines in your body! As your body is exposed to the same substance over and over it can release more histamines causing an allergic reaction this is why medications such as benedryl contain antihistamines to combat the production of histamines in the body

  8. Sherrill Reply:

    Can you all off a sudden become allergic to loratabs? nose, eyes watering, sneezing a lot, and explosive diarrhea When your near your cat then ya, you do.

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