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Can you get pink eye from a butt touching your face?

No! Pinkeye can be caused by many of the bacteria and viruses responsible for colds and other infections or allergies! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Celestina Reply:

    As you feel your skin or your partner touches your skin you want it to feel smooth, silky and The regimen you should follow for your face can really vary from person to person, so there is no one size fits all here. Also use an eye cream around the delicate eye area. Back and butt areas – . Think Pink: 10 Pieces to Pick Detail:

  2. Ashly Reply:

    Could you really get pink eye if someone farts in your face? spray crap in your eye, or you (or they) touch their butt hole and then your eye.

  3. Alejandra Reply:

    The leading cause of a red, inflamed eye is virus infection. A number of viruses can be responsible, but farting is not it. More:'s-face-one-of-them

  4. Mavis Reply:

    He loves you:) More:

  5. Juanita Reply:

    You can develop pink eye from an umber of different bacterias. That’s why you should keep your fingers away from your eyes. MORE More:

  6. Dominga Reply:

    if you bare-butt fart on a pillow can someone get pink eye from it?

  7. Jessika Reply:

    I kept saying to myself, this is bad! I dont like it! But i finished and Im like Aw! What happened with Derik?? A break up?? Intense break up! Gawh! I loved it! E-mail me more please, please, please!!!!

  8. Janel Reply:

    yes you can get pink eye if sum1 farts in your face or farts on your pillow n u lay ur head on it isn't that Can you get pink eye from touching your butt then eye?

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