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How can you give yourself a rash?

A person could receive a rash if they came into contact with some type of irritant or if they had some type of food allergy! The causes of a rash are extremely broad, which may make the evaluation of a rash extremely difficult! A reaction to a vaccination could also cause a person to receive a rash! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Corazon Reply:

    Give yourself a rash. Teachers don't like rashes, so rub some poison ivy on your arm or wash your clothes with the soap you're allergic to. Show your teacher Detail:

  2. Ali Reply:

    How do you give yourself a rash? the best way is to take a bar of deoderant and rub it where you want the rash you can also rub hot sause on your body or role

  3. Patricia Reply:

    Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm soapy water. Afterward, push back your cuticles, file and buff your nails. Complete it with a base coat, a coat of polish, and a top coat. More:

  4. Ashleigh Reply:

    The only reason to know how to give yourself a fever would be to pull the wool over someone’s eyes–perhaps to skip work or school. That’s not a good idea. More:

  5. Delinda Reply:

    To give yourself a makeover buy a box of hair dye and change the color of your hair. Give yourself a new cut and do your makeup in a different way. More:

  6. Caryl Reply:

    Could a diaper rash cream actually GIVE me diaper rash symptoms and started to get chafed? I was golfing this summer between the cheeks. Thought i was being smart and bought a

  7. Tai Reply:

    yeah you can just rub your skin allot and your skins going to get irritated and get a rash a rash occurs from an irrations

  8. Shanna Reply:

    go into the bathroom and give yourself a wedgie by grabbing your underereand pulling up hard. What kind of plant gives you a rash? Nettle Poison Ivy and may

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