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How do you know if you have a wool allergy?

True wool allergies are very rate, but many people are sensitive or intolerant to wool b/c it makes them itchy and scratchy! Any Suggestions here?

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  1. Gricelda Reply:

    If you suspect an allergy to food, realize that typical canine food allergens include Your veterinarian may also recommend food allergy tests to find the allergen. 5 Some dogs are allergic to bedding (cedar wood chips and wool are two If buying a purebred dog, ask the owner whether the parents have allergies, since Detail:

  2. Micheal Reply:

    To determine if you have a true wool allergy, a patch test can be conducted using wool alcohols. If you are found to be allergic to wool, you will have to find a

  3. Pandora Reply:

    If you have wool alcohol allergy the best way to avoid any problems is by avoiding all products that contain wool alcohols. Check all product labels for the list of ingredients and do not use if they contain wool alcohols or any of the othe… More:

  4. Luana Reply:

    Typical allergic contact dermatitis reactions may occur in individuals allergic to wool alcohols. The rash is characteristically located on the face, hands and arms. There may be intense swelling and redness of the affected area within a fe… More:

  5. Risa Reply:

    Wool is a fiber taken from sheep and contains the natural oil lanolin. At times, people can experience an allergic reaction to this oil, which is referred to as a wool allergy. More:

  6. Christian Reply:

    I break out in an itchy of wool or wool blend until after trying to wear rash when I wear wool and hats when I didn. I’ve had to give away scarves’t realize the item was made

  7. Cicely Reply:

    Woah, deja vu!!!Do you think your wife ever gets on here?? Cause I remember answering a question exactly like this (from the other side) right down to the possum fur thing a few weeks ago!!!Oh, sorry, I got off topic! Honestly, I can see where shes coming from to a point! It can get very frustrating when youre passionate about something and no ones being supportive! As far as being offered meat goes, it sounds like the in-laws are just trying to be polite though! So, I can kinda see both sides! Overall, I think you should be a bit more supportive of your wife! Why dont you talk with your parents about it – let them know that you know theyre just trying to be polite, but she finds it offensive, and Im sure theyll stop! If not, then let your wife know that you tried talking to them so she knows youre being supportive, and let her know that they arent actually trying to offend her! If she continues to freak after that, Id officially consider it an over-reaction!The possum fur thing, on the other hand!!!even I would get offended at that! Even if shes never explained her position on fur, they should have been a bit more considerate of her animal rights beliefs in the situation!

  8. Aron Reply:

    AnswerWool only comes from lamb. However, if they make the wool in to thread or in some other form you may not be allergic to store wool and just the lamb's

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