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How does irritated eye look like?

People with irritation in their eye can have burning, redness, itching, dryness, and they can become swollen! Often times it may just be dry eyes due to contact lenses, or allergies! If you feel it is something more then contact you doctor! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Catharine Reply:

    The color can range anywhere from a slightly irritated light pink to fully red, bloodshot eye. What Does a Dog's Eye Look Like When the Retina Is Detached? Detail:

  2. Bambi Reply:

    The degree of redness or appearance of blood usually does not correlate to how in the surface of the white portion of the eye (sclera) become enlarged and irritated. If you notice a bloody blotch in one eye that doesn’t hurt, but just looks bad, don’t worry. Throw away items like these that you used in your infected eye.

  3. Deloris Reply:

    Your cat’s eyes are susceptible to irritation just like yours, but she doesn’t have the ability to diagnose and treat herself. Help her out by determining the cause and assisting her in finding some soothing relief. With a few simple guidel… More:

  4. Shauna Reply:

    Reduce eye irritation from dryness by using over-the-counter artificial tears to restore moisture. Look for a brand (or consult your optometrist) if you’re a contact lens wearer before using the drops, however, since the chemicals can build… More:

  5. Latrina Reply:

    Common causes of eye irritation include allergies, air pollutants, fatigue, medications, dryness and infection. In appearance, the eyes may be red, swollen, itchy, blurry and watery. Blurry vision, burning and sensitivity to light are all c… More:

  6. Micha Reply:

    Eye is irritated from something small like sand. Went to eye wash station and still irritated/red What do i do? I went outside today and it was really windy. Something went in

  7. Theresia Reply:

    Sounds like pink eye with crusty stuff and mucus coming out! Also, pink eye does itch! Id take him to the doctor! I had pink not too long ago and the doctor gave me drops!

  8. Marquetta Reply:

    Tearing. Subconjuctival hemorrhage symptoms (looks like pink eye). Slight or partial redness in the eyes. Does NOT involve the iris (colored portion of the eye)

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