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What are these red itchy bumps on my side?

Hives are red itchy bumps or welts that appear on the skin! It can be caused by allergies! It can last for hours or days! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Peggy Reply:

    How to Soothe Itchy Legs. not stop itching!!! i have caused these little red bumps on my legs and i dont even Itchy skin is a normal side effect of pregnancy. Detail:

  2. Candi Reply:

    Itchy bumps appear on face out of no where I can just be sitting at my Hi, I’m *** **** out in red spots on 1 side off my face, they get itchy then

  3. Liza Reply:

    Red, itchy bumps can be caused by a number of irritants such as bug bites, chiggers and even stress. It is important to find the cause of the red, itchy bumps in order to identify and rid your environment of any skin irritants. Otherwise, t… More:

  4. Le Reply:

    Itchy red bumps can be caused by many things. It could just be a rash. It could also be a reaction to medication. If the bumps persist for more than 3 days, see your doctor. More:

  5. Palma Reply:

    It sounds like you may have a rash, which could be caused by a number of different things. Perhaps, you used a new soap, or you may even have the measles. Don’t scratch! More:

  6. Kathryne Reply:

    red itchy bumps on one side my right jawline it felt of my face? I dont know how or couple of days ago there what triggered it but a were two small bumps on like tiny mosquito

  7. Carey Reply:

    I really hate to tell you this but you should get some bedbug traps and see if you catch anything! The bites youre describing sound just like the bites I got when I stayed in a bedbug infested hotel room a few months ago! Those things are freakin EVERYWHERE lately! You can get the traps at a hardware store but call around check availability, theyre a pretty new thing and not every place will have them yet! If you find little tiny bugs in the trap after a couple of days you have bedbugs! They are a bitch to get rid of! Most websites wil tell you to get a professional exterminator immediately but having a professional treat your place for bedbugs is super spendy, it can take 3-4 treatments before you get rid of them completely and only works long term about 70% of the time! Several people have told me that a mixture of four parts water to one part Dawn original liquid dish soap will kill them dead as turds! You gotta put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over your place, itll be a little soapy so if you spray it on a hard floor it will be slippery as helll until it dries! Pull all the furniture out from the walls, take the drawers out of your dresser and anything else that has drawers in it and spray your furniture insde and out with the Dawn mixture! Pull the moldings off the wall (all of them!) and spray the area where the walls meet the floors VERY thoroughly! Wash all your bedding, linens, clothes, towels, anything that can be washed in a washing machine in HOT water (at least 140 degrees F!) Dont forget your curtains! Take blinds down soak in the same mixture of Dawn water! Vaccuum every day! Theres a type of sand you can buy at pet supply stores, I dont remember what its called *DUH* but if you call them and ask them theyll probably know what you mean, you sprinkle this sand in your carpet and the bedbugs get it on them and it kills them! You sprinkle it after you vaccum every day for at least a few weeks but then do it once a week for a while to! Neither the Dawn nor the sand kills bedbug eggs so you will have to spray with Dawn at least twice a week for about 6 weeks so you can be sure you got them all! Youll have to do all that laundry a few times at least! Or, if its hot where you are you can bag up all that laundry and leave it in a car sitting in the sun with all the windows rolled up for a day, thatll do the trick as good as washing will though youll still have to do it at least 3-4 times! One thing you can do immediately is get a mattress pad that the whole mattress fits in and zips shut! You dont have to spend the money on the hypoallerginic ones, just the regular waterproof zippered ones that completely encase the entire mattress will do the trick!If you take everything off your bed, flip your mattress and put on freshly washed sheets and dont get any new bites in the next 24 hours you can be reasonably sure you have bedbugs! Thank jeebus the hotel had my luggage and clothing professionally cleaned, if Id brought them with me when I moved into this house I think Id have lost my damn mind! The bites ITCH LIKE FILTHY HELLL!!! Benadryl and Aveeno oatmeal bath helped me some, if not for the Benadryl I dont think I could have slept for scratching! Nothing else I tried worked very well if at all! As soon as you start trearing them youll get bit less, I guess Dawn really f*cs them up! Its a lot of work but you dont want to let them get any worse because they will straight take over your house and make you theirbitch if you let them!

  8. Marietta Reply:

    What are these red itchy bumps on the my thighs? This is sort of a normal rid of them is to apply lotion What if you have a red bump on the side of your head?

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