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What are those white sores on my tongue called? And what causes them?

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  1. Donette Reply:

    These so-called lie bumps are small and typically white in color, though they can be Some doctors believe this is caused by a virus that makes it into the mouth and What Might it Mean If My Car Makes Creaking Sounds As I Drive Around Detail:

  2. Mable Reply:

    The things I’m talking about are very small bumps, white-ish, on the side or tip of the tongue. My (hispanic) wife and mother-in-law call them "granos" (spelling?) I’ve always called these ‘tongue zits’ (Google search on the term to He suggests that the cause is trauma; I wonder if those who attribute

  3. Tammera Reply:

    The tongue is covered by tiny bumps called papillae.Irritants can make papillae enlarge & appear as white or red tiny bumps. More:

  4. Leonida Reply:

    Canker sores and mouth ulcers can be caused by a virus, or by a vitamin/nutritional deficiency, or by Candida. MORE? More:,-tiny-white-bumps-on-my-tongue,-and-how-can-i-get-rid-of-them

  5. Julian Reply:

    Those annoying little sores that you cannot stop playing with are actually swollen taste buds. They can be caused by spicy foods overstimulating the taste bud, or by biting or burning the tongue. More:

  6. Justine Reply:

    White Sores on the egde and tip on my tongue? and sores on my gums, my throat has been hurting by every tooth? For the past 4 days like hell, i went to the hospital and found

  7. Merlene Reply:

    i thin its a nomal reaction when i eat alot of candy thats really sweet or sour i usually get blisters but they go away by the next day or so but i think its normal just dri alot of water! and i woudlnt worry to much about it unless you see alot of sweeling or your tounge changes colors or you suspect an allergic reaction but i doubt it!

  8. Terra Reply:

    What causes white sore inflamed taste buds on the tongue? I already have a lisp so the swelling on the tip of my tongue makes it worse, I found the ice has

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