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What can cause constant eye watering?

Watery eyes is caused most commonly from a blocked tear duct! Other reasons would include allergies, emotions, cold air, or something being in the eye! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Nita Reply:

    Common pollutants can cause temporary watering, but ongoing Constant watery eyes can pose health problems for the dog. The excessive buildup of Detail:

  2. Earlie Reply:

    Blinking spreads these tears and ensures constant moistness of the eyes. Successful treatment of watering eyes can usually be done if the cause is identified

  3. Hildred Reply:

    A headache with eye pain may cause time away from work and even lost wages. Knowing some of the possible symptoms may help you determine the cause, and may also give you ideas for questions if you seek medical attention. More:

  4. Nora Reply:

    The lacrimal gland above the eye releases tears to keep the eye moist and healthy. Eyes that are constantly tearing, however, may indicate a problem. Excessive eye watering is known as epiphora. More:

  5. Laurene Reply:

    i have one eye that waters all the time mostly when its windy are just cold, make sure there is nothing in your eyes and if it still waters tell someone to have a look just to make sure its okay. More:

  6. In Reply:

    I would like some cures for these hayfever symptoms. red itchy eyelids, one eye constantly watering, constant? itchy and watery eyes, have tried, antihistamines, tablets and e

  7. Yvone Reply:

    orry but Something squirted out my eye when i wasnt looking!I was driving my car when something squirted out my eye and it was a bloody dot on the windshield what could it be i cant even see out my left eye!

  8. Lillian Reply:

    However, sufferers can experience watering of the eyes, which is in fact a response to irritation caused by the original tear film deficiency. Familial dysautonomia

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