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What causes red bumps to appear on your body?

You could get red bumps or a rash on the skin for a variety of reasons, including allergies or an infection! See your doctor for a proper diagnosis! on! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Micki Reply:

    However, if you or someone you know has recently developed large bumps on the Bites or burns can cause large, painful and red bumps to appear on the back of the tongue. National Institute on Aging: Taking Care of Your Teeth and Mouth sufferers notice these blemishes emerging on different parts of the body, . Detail:

  2. Cordelia Reply:

    What causes a small red itchy rash that is all over your body and bumps keep rising up as the days What can cause little red itchy bumps all over your body?

  3. Elodia Reply:

    Chicken Pox Allergies Dermatitis And i wouldn’t itch it cause it can make it worse or scar Try this site it should help More:

  4. Nichole Reply:

    Red bumps on your tongue are often caused by the foods you eat. This can occur when you eat foods that are too hot or are spicy. Also, it can be a side effect of medication. More:

  5. Margit Reply:

    Itchy red bumps can be caused by many things. It could just be a rash. It could also be a reaction to medication. If the bumps persist for more than 3 days, see your doctor. More:

  6. Sherrill Reply:

    I am 40 yom. I have 2 small red my body and arms. They do not? itch and they do not bumps inside my mouth. I have red bumps over hurt. I have been checked for hiv, the results

  7. Bernadine Reply:

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  8. Klara Reply:

    What can cause little red itchy bumps all over your body? i could be that you have just got over a sickness and that is how your body is getting all of it (the

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