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What could cause red itchy burning puffy eyes?

Allergies can affect the eyes, causing red, itchy, burning, and watery eyes and swollen eyelids!Conjunctivitis is also a common eye problem! It can cause redness, itching, inflammation or swelling of the eyelid! Thanks for using Any Suggestions here?


  1. Stefanie Reply:

    Treatment for swollen and itchy eyelids depends on the source of Swollen, Red Eyelids. Flag this Pink eye can cause swelling, itching, burning and redness. Detail:

  2. Kathi Reply:

    6 days ago This is a discussion on MedHelp about itchy red swollen eyelids,,,not Blepharitis – please help me! But almost anything can cause an allergy in a person. . Expect burning with the lemon juice and shampoo rubbing :(

  3. Salome Reply:

    Sounds like an allergy – could be insect bites, washing powder or something you have eaten, try an antihistamine and see if they get better. Could be worth a check up with your GP. Always read the medication instructions to make sure they d… More:

  4. Kary Reply:

    Answer Sounds like an eye infection. You probably need to go to the doctor and get some drops and or antibiotics. Answer It’s probably pink eye! I got it when I came back from the Dominican. My eyes were red, puffy and had oozing stuff. My … More:

  5. Jeanelle Reply:

    ok monday i got soap in i have a stuffy nose and the worst headache e my eye (left) that was 4 days ago red itchy and burning it and know my eye is could be allergies and also

  6. Alice Reply:

    theres two things this could be, either you are allergic to the sun lotion you have been using or you have hayfever! hayfever can make your eyes sore,very itchy and can make them swell up! you may also have an itchy runny nose as well! some people get just itchy eyes whereas if you are like me, I get really itchy swollen eyes, a really bad blocked catarhal nose, an itchy face and neckasthma! either way you can take an antihistamine to relieve both of these conditions! however tho, if you have have any other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, swelling to your necktongue etc then you need to get to a hospital fast for emergency treatment as you could be going into anaphylaxis shock! if you think its just hayfever, you can relieve it with an antihistamine and use either a cooling eye mask or two slices of cucumber placed on eyes to relieve swelling etc! to cool your face, place a face cloth thats been soaked in cold water on your face!These should help! you may need to see your GP or go to a walk in centre if you feel its getting worse etc!good luck!

  7. Nova Reply:

    What causes red puffy itchy eyes? maybe you have allergies. you should see a doctor about that and he will give What causes a cut to get red and puffy?

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