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What do you do for a swollen lip?

In general, swelling in the lips caused by allergy can be treated without much worries by suitable application of etc Any Suggestions here?


  1. Kyle Reply:

    How Do I Treat a Swollen Lip?. A swollen lip is one of the most common injuries that can occur. Almost everyone will get one at some point in his life. A ball, a fist Detail:

  2. Albertina Reply:

    Make out with someone preferably someone who’s lips are ice cold. Hopefully the swelling will go away real fast. If not well, at least you had a good time trying. lol Source(s): work in orthopaedics Mass General Hospital Boston

  3. Catarina Reply:

    When a person gets a swollen lip, the first course of action is discovering how the swollen lip happened. Did he trip and fall, or bite his lip? Or did the swollen lipped victim acquire an allergy to drugs? Possibly the person with a swolle… More:

  4. Jessika Reply:

    It will depend on why the lip is swollen. If it is due to infection you need to see your doctor. If it was injured, you need to apply ice or a cold pack to it as soon as possible. Keep it on and off for the first 24 hours after the injury. More:

  5. Damaris Reply:

    There are many things that can cause swollen lips. An injury to the mouth, cosmetics, heat, allergies, drugs or medication, or some type of skin disease such as eczema. More:

  6. Allyn Reply:

    The side of my bottom lip swollen, internal & external. Why’s it swollen & how can I ease the pain/heal it? Since I wear braces, my friend (who used to wear braces) suggested

  7. Justine Reply:

    you may want to go back to the tattoo shop and ask for a longer stud if you dont it may become ingrown and that will hurt very bad, and they will have to cut it out! so my advice would be go to a tattoo shop and ask thier advice!

  8. Tammara Reply:

    What to take when you have swollen eyelids and lips? take a doctor. What to do to reduce swollen lips? drink cold ice tea and suck on spear mint. How do you

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