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What does it mean when you get nose bleeds?

The most common causes are dryness and nose picking! Also, less common causes include injuries, colds, and allergies! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Hanh Reply:

    Nosebleeds stem from a number of causes, few of which are cause for serious concern. What Does it Mean If You Have Bloody Stools? Bloody stools can be Detail:

  2. Autumn Reply:

    Common causes of frequent nosebleeds can include uncontrolled allergies, dry, irritated mucous membranes in the nose, frequent nose picking, and bleeding disorders. You should contact a physician for an evaluation.

  3. Pura Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be tricky sometimes. If you want to know how to stop a nose bleed, you need to apply pressure gently to the nose. Get a cool rag, and gently squeeze your nose often. This should stop the bleeding. More:

  4. Maximina Reply:

    Most nosebleeds are harmless. Nosebleeds can be caused from a blow to the nose. Winter air dries the inside of the nose and can cause a nosebleed. Visit your doctor for nosebleeds if they are difficult to stop or occur on a regular basis wi… More:

  5. Alica Reply:

    Nose bleeds can be caused by taking a blow to the nose, picking your nose, and by heat. The heat can dry out the membranes and may result in nose bleeds. Colds, high blood pressure and even medication can cause them too. More:

  6. Robbi Reply:

    Can nose bleeds be genetic? Daily nose bleeds? My Husband has had ALMOST was very little, his dad and his grandfather daily nose bleed since he have also had these same daily

  7. Arica Reply:

    Given that Im not a doctor, I can only express my hearsay opinions, so its possible that its a generic sinus disorder, or your home is extremely dry inside, or he has high blood pressure, or there are tiny aliens inside of his nose mining for human boogers, of which supply much needed salt and protein for the little buggers;) LOL

  8. Vernita Reply:

    What does it mean if you get small nose bleeds every day that never drip out but when you blow your nose lightly or wipe it you see a lot of blood? Improve

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