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What does it mean when your ears itch?

Ear itching can mean allergies, atopic dermatitis (eczema), viral/bacterial/or fungal infections or even overuse of cotton swabs! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ha Reply:

    What Does it Mean When Your Ears Are Burning? Ears are Burning · Health Guidance: If Your Ears are Ringing or Itching, is Someone Talking about You? Detail:

  2. Deb Reply:

    Superstition says when your ears itch, it means someone is talking about you. If it is only the left ear, then you will have good luck, but if it is only the right ear then it could mean good or bad.

  3. Mary Reply:

    Having an itch in your ear doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but it can sure be an annoyance if you are the one suffering from it. An ear itch occurs when the mast cells inside of the ear become aggravated. Chemicals are then released a… More:

  4. Genoveva Reply:

    Itching inside your ears is most likely an allergic reaction to something, especially if you have a runny nose, itchy eyes or some other allergy symptom. See your doctor if it does not go away or you have trouble breathing. More:

  5. Ellyn Reply:

    Your ears may itch because there is wax build-up in there. You could also have a slight infection of the ear and there’s fluid in it. This can cause the itching sensation. If it persists, see a doctor! More:

  6. Natasha Reply:

    My ears itch soo bad from allergies, is there anyway to make them stop, or itch less? It’s because my ears are draining. :( 😉

  7. Breann Reply:

    you got ear wax

  8. Marquerite Reply:

    If the itching is deep in the ear, then it's possibly fluid in the ears, or ear wax, which does work its way to the outer ear canal. What does it mean if your ears itch?

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