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What is a rash that looks like scratches?

Dermatographism, aka skin writing! Considered "physical allergies" and they can be brought on by heat, cold, pressure on the skin, water, sweat, even extreme emotions! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Waneta Reply:

    The rash darkens if you scratch it. 3. Observe the rash, and look closely at the skin in the middle of the rash. The center will look like healthy skin — or at least a Detail:

  2. Londa Reply:

    May 11, 2011 Hi have you ever found out about these rashes your son had? we are going through similar experience with my daughter, . hers on the other

  3. Shannan Reply:

    Hives can be anywhere on your body and are red, raised spots on your skin. They are very itchy and can be any size. Hives are usually from an allergy to something so the only plan is to find what the allergy is from and treat that so the hi… More:

  4. Brandee Reply:

    A rash looks and feels uncomfortable. But you probably want more info than that. A rash can look red, dark pink, or light pink. A rash can also have bumps, that may be itchy or painful. To find more information click here: http://poisonivy…. More:

  5. Lilliam Reply:

    A rash is usually a red dry patch or area on the body. Sometimes the rash will have red bumps in that area and be very itchy. Being overly hot can cause a rash to occur. More:

  6. Diann Reply:

    Rash looks like red scratches? Imagine a cat scratches you. I’m a very healthy person and with it’s nail, that’s what my rash looks like have no pain or itching. The skin is n

  7. Delora Reply:

    I just did some researching on the net and found one Doctor who says it could possibly one form of eczema, but you shoudl make an appt with your doctor!

  8. Mirna Reply:

    What does a fungal rash look like? Most are quite red; there maybe flakey skin/ craking skin or tiny blisters. Almost all itch to promote you to scratch and shed the

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