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What is the best thing to do for allergies?

Shower, avoid pets and keep a clean house! if you experience symptons there are over the counter medications or see a doctor! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Charla Reply:

    Stinging Nettles one of my favorite herbs to take daily because that's the best way to make sure that your allergies are under control. It's also rich in healthy Detail:

  2. Reena Reply:

    My son developed a very serious latex allergy last year. After numerous times in the ER, we’ve gotten this down. Here is what we do to give ourselves time to get to the ER and even lessen the reaction. 1. Avoidance. Avoid latex at all costs

  3. Shyla Reply:

    I’ll give a few possible remedies for allergies further on. Bob has got some weird behavior…he tries to invalidate many, many of my answers…and rates me down…as if I care about ratings. I care about relaying valuable information which… More:

  4. Gretta Reply:

    1. Prepare a meal the whole family would enjoy, without using something the member was allergic to. 2. Treat them like a normal person. 3. HAHA i kid idk More:

  5. Zelda Reply:

    Nasonex works pretty well for me. More:

  6. Danuta Reply:

    Is there any thing that can? I get allergies very easily help me with my allergies (from my cat, cleaning, dog, and so on..) what can i do ? Is there a shot that can prevent o

  7. Adrienne Reply:

    i had this same problem when i first got my nose pierced (ive had to do it over twice again because it fell out in my sleep too!)! but i bought a nose ring from walmart and cleaned it in rubbing alcohol for a couple minutes and it is a lot shorter than my other rings which is nice cause when i blow my nose, nothing gets stuck on it! good luck!

  8. Christia Reply:

    'the best of the best' is a colloquialism that implies that whatever is being describes is considered to be the best of any group of their kind, even if an elite group

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