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What pills can kill you?

There are many different types of pills that can kill someone based on dosage, allergies, and type of drug! Cha Cha! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Danielle Reply:

    I wouldn’t put to much info on here .. There’s people out there that could use this info if they wanted to end there life’s

  2. Letty Reply:

    Overdosing on iron pills can kill you, and accidental deaths have occurred from ingesting as little as 200 mg of iron. Store iron supplements out of the reach of Detail:

  3. Lanelle Reply:

    Pharmaceuticals?? opiates, benzodiazepines, barbituates. All the other many cns depressants. NSAID’sI don’t think that any pill can kill you instantly, cyanide? yes, quite a quick death. not instantly thoughbut it seems youre meaning

  4. Rosie Reply:

    There is no pill designed to kill a person. Alternatively, a person could ingest a drug that is strong enough to do damage to their body; there are hundreds of pills that could do this type of damage. More:

  5. Kaitlyn Reply:

    While pill bugs aren’t dangerous, they are a nuisance to find living in your home. They usually enter the home through damp basements or drains. The safest and surest way to kill these insects is with boric acid powder. This powder is safer… More:

  6. Kandy Reply:

    Pill bugs often get friendly names such as "roly poly" or "doodlebug." These names come from the fact that wood lice of the species armadillidium, such as the pill bug, will curl up into a near-perfect sphere as a defense mechanism when tou… More:

  7. Tu Reply:

    Is OD on sleeping pills sure,name of sleeping pills in India shot way to kill yourself? which can be used to commit suicide

  8. Elisha Reply:

    A whole month of pills!!! at once?? Why the hell would she do that???? If it doesnt kill her, itll at least make her seriously sick! Shes dosing herself up with insane amounts of hormones! Her entire body chemistry will be way out of whack! Tell her not to be an idiot, and if you cant talk her out of it, tell her parents!

  9. Adria Reply:

    It certainly depends on WHAT KIND of pills. There aren't that many pills prescribed these days that would kill you. HOWEVER, you could certainly do brain

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