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Why are sinuses so susceptible to infection?

As the passages become congested it is easy for the various bacteria to breed in this environment! ! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Raeann Reply:

    This creates a viscous cycle, which is one of the reasons that sinus infections can drag on for so long. Chronic sinus infection. Taking too many antibiotics can make the body more susceptible to fungal infections, making the problem worse! Detail:

  2. Estrella Reply:

    Your sinuses are susceptible to infection because for the most part they are open to the air. Some people are more prone to them then others and it depends on your overall health and how your sinuses are built whether or not you will get an

  3. Kandra Reply:

    It’s mostly because your clothes rub agenst it and irritate it. Don’t wear tight fitting clothing through the healing period. Another cause is that after you take a shower or clean it, water sometimes hides inside of your belly button and b… More:

  4. Twila Reply:

    There is not a good blood flow so white blood cells cannot fight a developing infection as easy something with good blow flow (i.e. eye, arm, heart). It is also very porous, so there are a lot of nooks and crannies for things to get stuck i… More:

  5. Esta Reply:

    Because the Sinuses are inflamed and blocked Source(s): More:

  6. Randi Reply:

    sinuses infection help? i have bad sinus infection i feel bombs on my sinuses next to nose its forehead sinuses and my right pretty big. so i am experiencing depersonalization

  7. Alayna Reply:

    Because the Sinuses are inflamed and blocked

  8. Lynnette Reply:

    Why are sinuses so susceptible to infection? Improve. In: Conditions Why would belly button piercings be so susceptible to infection? It's mostly because your

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