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Why do I get cold before I start my period?

Some research suggests that PMS can impede your immune system, there’s no proof that a woman is more susceptible to a viral infection like the common cold in the days before her flow shows up! More likely, you’re confusing cold symptoms with signs of an ongoing allergy or sinus infection, since they’re often the same: runny nose, sore throat, and a stuffy nose! Any Suggestions here?


  1. Ellamae Reply:

    Cold & flu like symptoms before a period can last for the entirety of your period. If you feel that your cold and flu symptoms are a result of an upcoming period, try to take it easy Most people will not start showing symptoms until days after. Detail:

  2. Maurice Reply:

    I get SO cold and very pale before my period. I was diagnosed with endometriosis but have not had major issues since I started yoga. Butterfly – I would guess that there are about as many premenstrual symptoms in this

  3. Vasiliki Reply:

    if you dont take care of yourself. More:

  4. Sheila Reply:

    HAVING FRUIT FOR BREAKFAST Every morning my brother drinks a glass of orange juice. Numerous studies show that having breakfast boosts production of a natural antiviral compound by 450%. For the absolute best protection include fruit like b… More:

  5. Madeline Reply:

    The moment you feel that foreboding scratch in the back of your throat, make the biggest batch of orange juice in history. At least 4 glasses worth. No juicer? Buy the pulpiest, vitamin-C infused gallon you can find at your grocery store. D… More:

  6. Martin Reply:

    My truck will start when cold minuets then die. It will not start again and run for a few until it is cold again

  7. Paulita Reply:

    hum you seem run down and your period is just taking a lot of your energy out of you ,it could be coincidence start taking multivitamins regularly

  8. Paulina Reply:

    What causes getting a cold just before starting your period? if you dont take care of yourself. Do woman ovulate before their period or after their period? Women

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